Mannum Region

About the Mannum Region

The Mannum region, a hidden gem of South Australia, is all yours to explore. Enjoy scenic drives and the picturesque river setting, food and wine experiences, to getting active with canoeing, skiing or taking a river cruise. Summer, winter, spring or Autumn, the Mannum region is full of exciting and interesting things to do.

Mannum is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes from Adelaide via the South Eastern Freeway. Take the turn off from the South Eastern Freeway at Murray Bridge and its a leisurely drive of 30 minutes to escape by the river. Explore the region with its natural beauty, unique history and heritage, and the magic of the Murray River.

Photographer: Dave Hartley Photography


Younghusband is a short drive from Mannum, passing Kia Marina en-route. A small settlement, it’s a collection of Murray riverside shacks and houses, and a perfect spot to take a ski or just relax. Riverview House Younghusband is the perfect base to explore the Mannum region.

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Mid Murraylands Scenic Drive

Distance: Approximately 176 km

Begin at Mannum and follow the Sedan Road through the Angus Valley. Turn east at Cambrai, and follow the Marne River to Black Hill, noted for its quality granite, some of which was used in the new Parliament House, Canberra. From Black Hill, the road passes Shell Hill, famous for its fossils, past the Ridley Conservation Park, and continues to Swan Reach.

Here the scenic drive crosses the river by ferry and continues to the lookout (9km from Swan Reach) and onto Nildottie and Walker Flat. Follow the river south through Caurnamont and use the ferry crossing at Purnong. From Purnong follow the river through Chucka Bend, Bowhill, Coolcha, turn onto East Front Road, and back to Younghusband along the water’s edge.

Photographer: Dave Hartley Photography

Mannum Photography

Photographer: Dave Hartley Photography

Dave Hartley

Dave Hartley is a very keen photographer who has had work featured in books, magazines, print, web sites, TV, slide shows and galleries. Many of Dave’s prints and framed work are on display on the walls in Cafe Mannum. He hosts photography tours showcasing the regions attractions to photographers who are interested in the Murray River, cliffs, sun rises and sunsets, birds, local history, farms and farming ruins, paddle boats and paddle steamers, and some of the darkest skies in the world where 5000 stars can be observed in clear skies.

Mannum Photography